Where Can I Go?

north2north is a program of the University of the Arctic, most of its member institutions are participating in the program (see list below). Students at one of these institutions may apply for an exchange at a participating institution in another country.

For information, click on either your home institution's name or the name of the institution where you would like to go on exchange.

Not all higher education institutions that are members of the University of the Arctic have given in the necessary information to be an active north2north partner and are therefore not on the contact list. That does not mean they are not willing to cooperate with your institution and accept you as an exchange student. You and your home institution just have to contact them and see if it is possible for them to accept you and as a north2north exchange students. Some of the institutions on the contact list may also some years for some reasons be unable to accept north2north exchange students. 

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Participating north2north institutions



» University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) (please see n2n offers in UNIS here)