Snowy Owl Talks

The Snowy Owl talk series is named in honor of Erling Olsen (1927–2011), founding board member of the University of the Arctic, Member of the Danish Parliament for almost 30 years, twice Minister, and Speaker of the Danish Parliament. When, as Minister of Justice, he was asked whether he was a dove or a hawk his reply was that he would be an owl. The Snowy Owl Talks can also be read as an acronym for Olsen World Lectures (OWL), representing Arctic (Snowy) talks for the world.

GRID-Arendal, a member of the University of the Arctic, is responsible for the recording and production.

Håkon Jorikson

Håkon Jorikson, Director of the Grenna Museum, Polar Centre, tells the story of the North Pole expedition of Salomon August Andrée.


Snowy Owl Talks - Håkon Jorikson from GRID-Arendal on Vimeo.

Krister Stoor

Krister Stoor, senior lecturer at Umeå universitet, talks about the importance of traditional knowledge.

Snowy Owl Talks - Krister Stoor from GRID-Arendal on Vimeo.

Nina Kirchner

Nina Kircher, ice sheet modeller at Stockholm University, talks about ice sheet modelling: what it is and what its values are.

Snowy Owl Talks - Nina Kirchner from GRID-Arendal on Vimeo.