UArctic Strategic Plan 2020

Our Vision

An Empowered North – With Shared Voices

Our Mission

Empower the people of the Circumpolar North by providing unique educational and research opportunities through collaboration within a powerful network of members.

Our Values

UArctic promotes northern voices in the globalizing world, reflecting common values and interests across all eight Arctic states and among all northern peoples and cultures.

UArctic promotes cultural diversity, language plurality and gender equality while highlighting the partnership between the region’s indigenous peoples and other northerners.

UArctic promotes respectful relationships in education, science, research and policy based on reciprocity, equality and trust between northerners and other partners. This approach values the inclusion of traditional and indigenous knowledge systems, together with multidisciplinary perspectives from the arts, social and natural sciences.

How We Serve the North

UArctic benefits students, public and private sectors, and the North as a region by creating strong international collaboration among its members that:
  • Creates shared knowledge, competences and resources by matching capacity to needs
  • Connects traditional and indigenous knowledge systems with modern academia
  • Partners with northern communities and indigenous populations to respond to their educational aspirations and requirements
  • Bridges dialogue across different sectors and regions of the North, and with the world
  • Builds shared services that facilitate and promote cooperation and collaboration
  • Increases collaboration opportunities for our community of faculty, staff and students
  • Promotes the collective views of its members and broadens the voice of the North in the world

Our 2020 Goals

Educational Access for Northern Students
Students in the North have access to the best and most relevant instructional and training resources.
  • UArctic leads student mobility efforts among the Arctic states
  • Northern students have easy access to and participate in top-quality undergraduate and graduate programs throughout the Arctic
  • Northern students have easy access to field schools and joint programs among UArctic member institutions
  • Northern students can participate in degree programs, shared courses or field schools initiated by UArctic Thematic Networks
  • UArctic members combine student and faculty mobility with research cooperation adding values to learning environments
Research Representation in the North
UArctic members are the key participants in Arctic research.
  • UArctic maintains the foremost inventory of Arctic research capacity
  • UArctic members are involved together in addressing critical Arctic research issues
  • The Arctic Council and others look to UArctic and its members as their shared infrastructure to address relevant research needs
  • UArctic Thematic Networks link educational and research programs that identify and respond to the strategic needs of the Arctic states
  • UArctic develops new methods to combine academic research and traditional knowledge through participation by and with northern communities.
  • UArctic works with IASC, IASSA and other partners to build strong northern-relevant and collaborative research capacity in the North
Expanding Knowledge of the North
UArctic is a leader in expanding knowledge about the North.
  • UArctic’s Circumpolar Studies is the leading curriculum for overall circumpolar understanding
  • UArctic members use the network to attract students interested in the North
  • UArctic members’ research results are accessible to researchers, policy makers and the public
  • UArctic members share instructional, training and research resources to expand northern knowledge
  • UArctic Thematic Networks communicate their efforts to the broader public
Engaged Membership Network
UArctic members gain value by their participation in the organization.
  • UArctic members cooperate with each other on multiple levels, focusing on faculty, institutional leadership and international collaboration
  • Past and present UArctic students form a community who share pride in their knowledge
  • UArctic represents its members’ interests internationally by promoting their diverse and shared capacity to serve northern communities and interests
  • UArctic has a sustainable business model providing necessary infrastructure to support the network
  • The Arctic Council, the Standing Committee of Arctic Parliamentarians and other Arctic leadership institutions recognize UArctic and its members as the educational, training and research engine of the North

Strategic Plan also available as PDF download, including Background section