Membership Application Information


The 2015 membership application process will open in September, 2014. Please revisit these pages then. Thank you!

Members are the heart of the University of the Arctic network, as their contributions are the basis for success of UArctic's activities.
Members of UArctic participate in a broad and diversified network of individuals, organizations and institutions committed to research and education in the circumpolar region. By far the most important way to participate is through involvement in the Council of UArctic and through UArctic's Programs.
Appointed individuals from Member institutions form the Council of UArctic. The Council functions as the member forum for consultation, cooperation and for the implementation of UArctic programs through the member institutions. All members have the right of representation on Council.

UArctic is unique in its design and implementation of programs, thus we have developed several documents that explain the structure of the organization, how members fit into the framework, and the various programs in which you can participate. Feel free to browse through the Members section of our website for further details.

UArctic Membership [as per UArctic Bylaws]

UArctic has two membership categories and within each category there are two membership types:

1. Full Members
(a) Higher Education Institutions 
(b) Other Organizations

2. Associate Members
(a) Higher Education Institutions
(b) Other Organisations

The Council of UArctic decide on the category and type for each new member, based on recommendations from UArctic’s Membership and Nominations Committee, which are to be guided by the following principles;

Full Members of UArctic are whole institutions or organizations, with an interest in and commitment to higher education and research in the Circumpolar North, located in the eight Arctic countries of Canada, Denmark / Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and the USA.

Associate Members of UArctic are institutions or organizations, with an interest in and commitment to higher education and research in the Circumpolar North, located outside the eight Arctic countries. Irrespective of geographic location, subsidiary entities such as independent institutes, branch campuses, and departments, independent of nationality, may qualify for Associate membership.

Higher Education Institution members are independent universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher education having their own registered students. The primary role of educational institution members is to develop and deliver UArctic academic programs.

Other Organization members include indigenous peoples’ organizations with an international focus, research centres, educational associations, consortia / networks of higher education institutions, and research and policy networks. Priority will be given to indigenous peoples organizations represented in the Arctic Council as permanent participant organizations. The primary role of organizational members is to provide important expertise, different kinds of resources, and consultative links to key constituencies.

Participation and Representation

Full members may participate in and lead the development and delivery of UArctic program activities, while Associate members may participate in the development and delivery of UArctic program activities, but cannot lead them.

Educational institution members have the right to participate in UArctic academic programs according to the principles and procedures determined by the Council of the University of the Arctic, while Organizational members do not normally deliver UArctic academic programs, but do contribute to their development.

All members have equal rights of representation on the Council, with each member having one representative and one alternate. Each full and associate member institution or organization is entitled to develop its own procedures for selecting one representative and one alternate for the Council. Each full-member institution and organization has equal voting rights as a member of the Council. Associate members may take part in Council meetings as non-voting members.

The practical organisation of UArctic activities is based on some basic principles; details of these are available in the "Principles for Operation and Management of UArctic Activities" section of the UArctic Guidelines for Organization and Management document (see link below).    

Membership Obligations
Each full and associate member is responsible for supporting their own participation at Council meetings and other UArctic events.

Each full and associate member is required to comply with UArctic's reporting requirements.

Each full and associate member is required to pay an annual membership fee as determined by the Council.
NOTE for applicants: institutions / organisation who have been selected as new members in 2014 will receive an invoice for UArctic’s annual membership fee in the weeks following the election of new members by the Council. For details about UArctic's annual membership fee, see the 2014 Membership Fee implementation principles.

Eligibility Criteria

In acting on all applications for membership, the Council is guided by the following criteria:
  • demonstrated commitment to the UArctic's goals and values
  • demonstrated commitment and ability to actively contribute to the development of UArctic and its programs
  • willingness to provide in-kind support, services, or material resources helpful to the operation and development of UArctic
  • links to major UArctic constituencies.
Higher education institution applicants are also evaluated on the following additional criteria:
  • willingness and ability to develop and deliver UArctic academic programs
  • willingness and ability to contribute existing courses and programs to the UArctic program structure
  • demonstrated commitment to circumpolar educational cooperation, including strong faculty and student involvement in northern science and scholarship
These criteria constitute a checklist; no application for membership is expected to meet all the criteria. Authority to resolve any questions about the application of these criteria to specific cases rests with the Council. These criteria apply to both full members and associate members.

Resignation and Removal of Membership

Any full or associate member may resign from the UArctic network by providing written notice to the Council or by giving notice thereof at the annual Council meeting, which would then be recorded in the minutes.

The UArctic International Secretariat shall provide a warning to any full or associate member that fails to meet its obligation during a given year. Failure to comply with UArctic's reporting requirements or paying of the annual membership fee for two consecutive years shall lead to the member being recommended for removal from the roster of active UArctic members.

All UArctic members must meet the reporting requirements and pay the annual membership fee. Failure to meet either obligation for two consecutive years will lead to the member being recommended for removal from the roster of UArctic members.

The Council may remove a member by vote taken during its annual meeting, with the reason for dismissal contained in a proposal that must be made available in accordance with Council rules of procedure. Prior to action on the proposal, the member must be given the opportunity to respond to the matter.

A member under inactive status or removed from membership must re-apply to become a member.

Application Details for Prospective Members

Institutions and organizations wishing to join UArctic should familiarize themselves with the following:
  • UArctic Bylaws
  • UArctic Guidelines for Organisation and Management
  • Current Council membership 
  • Milestones in UArctic history
  • Annual Membership fee
  • Shared Voices newsletter

  • Application Procedure
    1. Review governance documents and membership criteria (see above)
    2. Download and save the Membership Application form (to be added in Sept. 2014
    3. By the deadline, return the completed Membership Application form and scanned Letter of Support as e-mail attachments to
    4. Send the original Letter of Support, signed by the head of your institution / organization, by regular post or fax (see contact details below).
    5. Once an application for membership is received, a confirmation of receipt e-mail will be sent and will include further details on the next steps.
    6. Applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by UArctic’s Membership and Nominations Committee. After their review the committee will prepare a final list of new member nominations for the Council of UArctic, who will then vote to elect new members during their next annual meeting in 2015.  
    Note : Should an application receive approval for Council consideration by UArctic's Membership and Nominations Committee, then a representative from the applicant institution or organisation or an appointed proxy representative is expected to be present at the next Council meeting to give a presentation of the institution or organization and answer any questions from the Council. Applicants who do not fulfill this requirement will have their membership application deferred to the following year, when the same conditions will apply.
    If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the International Secretariat.
    UArctic International Secretariat
    c/o University of Lapland,
    Box 122, FIN-96101
    Rovaniemi, Finland.
    FAX: +358-16-362 941