Sámi University College

Sámi University College is an indigenous institution that preserves and promotes Sámi language, culture and community life. At SUC, Sámi language is the main teaching, research and administration language. All our studies have a Sámi or indigenous perspective, and we have strong connections to other indigenous institutions. SUC has national responsibility for Sámi teacher training, journalist training and higher education. We promote Sámi perspective in research/teaching.

Sámi University College has three faculties, all relevant for circumpolar/Arctic Cooperation: Gielladiedagoahti/Language Department (language and language development), Ealáhus- ja luonddudiedagoahti/Industries and Natural Sciences Department (sustainable development and biodiversity, Sámi Traditional and Applied Arts, livelihood and social ecological science), and Servvodatdiedagoahti/Social Sciences Department (Sámi teaching and understanding).

Facts and figures

Web http://samas.no
Year Established 1989
Total Number of Staff 106
Number of Academic Staff 63
Number of Students 200
Focus Areas

Language and language development

Sustainable development and biodiversity

Sámi traditional and applied arts

Livelihood and social ecological science

Sámi teaching and understanding