Overall Goal

During recent years, prospecting for mineral and hydrocarbon resources has been significantly focused towards arctic regions. Studies of geological resources in the arctic of North America, Greenland, and the arctic parts of Europe and Asia share many of the same challenges, and researchers working in these regions should benefit from cooperation and shearing knowledge through the suggested network. Common for all regions of the Arctic, is that exploitation of mineral and hydrocarbon resources has significant environmental, economic and cultural impact on Indigenous people living in the region. Many of the students that are educated through the suggested network will later be involved in exploitation of geological resources in the Arctic, and we consider it as important that they through their studies are introduced to Indigenous issues.

Main Activities

  • Workshops at partner’s universities
  • Exchange of students, researchers and teachers
  • Joint proposals for external research funding
  • Common courses and joint educational programs
  • Development of shared learning materials
  • Access to laboratory facilities


Current and Planned Activities

  • Joint project (University of Tromsø, University of Tartu, Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Precambrian geology and geochronology RAS) of studying Paleoproterozoic phosphoritic complexes in Onega region (Russia, Karelia). 
  • Russian-Norwegian workshop in Earth sciences. Workshop is devoted to the development of educational and scientific collaboration between two countries (focused on Arctic region studies), 24-26 of March 2015, Saint-Petersburg State University and Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.