Overal Goal

The primary goal is to establish, sustain and strengthen a network of institutions primarily within University of the Arctic in order to promote the research and education collaboration, and to develop the international policy and joint projects among the members of UArctic in the area of energy in Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions and its impact on environment and adaptation to climate change.

Thematic Network on Energy in a New Time (ENT TN) aims understanding of opportunities and challenges in energy development faced by different stakeholders in the Arctic, e.g. national and local authorities, enterprises, indigenous people, local communities; improving efficiency of developing energy resources in the North and maximizes the economical benefits, while minimizing impacts from this development on society and environment.

The main form of cooperation are joint research and education projects as well as knowledge sharing aimed at addressing, in a multidisciplinary way, the contemporary issues in the field of energy in the Arctic region.

Main Activities

The Energy in New Time Thematic Network focuses and executes activities in the following fields:

Activities in the field of research:

  • Annual Conference “High North Dialogue”;
  • The BUDRUS book publication: Bourmistrov, A. and Olson, O. (eds.) (2014) Accounting, Management Control and Institutional Development, Cappelen Damm akademisk, Oslo;
  • "Budrus: local government budgeting reforms in Russia: implications and tensions;
  • "Arctic Bridge": cooperation on PhD education and research training in the field of management in extractive industries in the High North;
  • NAREC: The Norwegian and Russian Education and Research Consortium for International Business Development in the Energy Sector;
  • The NAREC book publication: Bourmistrov, A., Mellemvik, F. and Vasiliev, S. (eds.) (2011) Perspectives on Norwegian-Russian energy cooperation, Cappelen Damm akademisk, Oslo;
  • Research projects "Logistics in the High North";
  • Workshops "High North Research Seminars": a cross-disciplinary network arena for PhD students and academics;
  • "Modern Knowledge for Energy Sector": development of new study materials for joint Norwegian- Russian education programs in the field of energy;

Activities in the field of education

Conferences and workshops examples:

Current and Planned Activities

  • High North Dialogue 2015” conference (17-19 March, Bodø)
  • Master course “High North Dialogue”  (Bodø, March 2015)
  • PhD course “Arctic Extractive Industries: Issues of Arctic Governance”  (Bodø, March 2015)
  • Annual summer Master course “Business Practice in Norway” (1 week study program includes visiting Nordic enterprises to explore their business administration practice, lectures, seminars and discussions at University of Nordland); (August 2015)
  • Summer Master course “Business Practice in Russia” (Tyumen, 2015)
  • PhD course “Arctic Extractive Industries: Issues of Arctic Governance” (Tyumen, 2015)
  • “Arctic Bridge” PhD Research Seminar (Autumn, 2015)
  • “Arctic Bridge” Final Conference (Autumn, 2015)

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