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Sustainable Development in the Circumpolar North

From Tana, Norway to Oktemtsy, Yakutia, Russia,

The Gargia Conferences for Local and Regional Development (2004-14)

Tor Gjertsen and Greg Halseth (eds.)


Overall Goal

Goal of the Thematic Network is to strengthen Northern universities and college’s knowledge and skills in local and regional development, by sharing resources, facilities and expertise.

Main Activities

  • Student and teacher exchange
  • Course and study program development
  • Further develop BCS Advanced emphasis
  • Develop an international applied master in regional development in the North
  • Regional research and development
  • Stimulate joint research and development projects.
  • Stimulate co-operation and information exchange, by developing a web-page for the thematic UArctic network.
  • Arrange and co-ordinate thematic conferences
  • Yearly conference one a topic of current relevance for the network

Current and Planned Activities

  • January: Start of UArctic Advanced Emphasis Course in Management of Local and Regional Development at Finnmark University College
  • February: Final local development workshop in the municipality of North Cape, Northern Norway, in cooperation with local authorities and the University of Tromsø
  • Planning of two development workshops and summer business schools in the rural communities of Digby and Cape Breton in Nova Scotia
  • March: Tana-Utsjoki cross-border evaluation and learning workshop
  • Planning of development partnership and summer business school for the Ust-Tsylma region of Komi, in cooperation with regional and national authorities and the University of Syktyvkar and Ukhta
  • May: Implementation of Local development workshops in Digby and Cape Breton, in cooperation with Saint Mary's University. Organization of one of three main network meetings, in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Initiation of the third phase of the research and development project 'Alive Village': Social and economic development in Rural Arkhangelsk, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth affairs, Sport and Tourism
  • June: Implementation of local development workshops and summer business schools in the Ust-Tsylma region, lecturing in local and regional development at the university of Syktyvkar
  • Teaching Regional Development at the Institute of Finance and Economics during summer school at the North Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, organizing two new rural evelopment workshops in
  • Yakutia and the main Russian network meeting in Yakutsk. Hopefully our new e-book on rural development in Yakutia will be ready and presented at the meeting
  • September: Start of applied international master program in Rural Development, at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada
  • October: The 9th international Gargia conference for regional development, and main Norwegian network meeting
  • November: Final report seminar for the Ust-Tsylma regional development workshops and summer business schools. Presentation of a comprehensive program for rural development in the Komi Republic