Overall Goal

The aim of the thematic network is to strengthen cooperation and capacity among institutions working on issues of governance in northern regions. Such a network will facilitate collaborative research initiatives, curriculum and program development at the graduate and undergraduate levels, enhance student exchange opportunities, and respond to Northern and Indigenous government and community needs on governance issues.

Main Activities

  • Advanced Emphasis Delivery
  • This network will deliver undergraduate programming through the following advanced emphases:
  • Arctic Governance – University of Lapland. This advanced emphasis aims to provide first of all an overview of social conflict and compromise in general. The program aims also to look more specifically into social conflict and compromise in the Arctic.
  • Northern Scandinavian Politics and Society-Bodø University College. The courses focus on Scandinavia with emphasis on Norway and the northern regions. Politics, welfare systems, natural resources, rights and indigenous peoples are some of the key words for the programme. The study programme will be of special relevance for students who want to combine a one- semester social science programme with a shorter stay in Norway, included in their BA program as electives or as a minor.
  • Aboriginal Public Administration – University of Saskatchewan. This program draws on expertise from the University of Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal Public Administration program and seeks to explore governance, public administration and public management issues of significance to Aboriginal peoples.
  • Master of Northern and Indigenous Innovation – ICNGD and University of Tromsø. The two institutions are currently engaged in the process of developing the program parameters and course content for what will be a jointly delivered Master’s program. Students can benefit from learning in an international environment and doing comparative research between the two regions, studying their contrasting opportunities and challenges.
  • Integrated degree in Northern Governance and Development – ICNGD and Yukon College. The two institutions are working on a single undergraduate degree that will be delivered jointly. Each party will contribute courses, best practices, and other resources which will enable the implementation of a degree that otherwise would not be possible for either school. The courses will be delivered via the blended model (web, videoconference, onsite) and the primary intent of the degree will be labour market readiness in Northern communities.


  • The thematic network will facilitate collaborative research projects, conferences, and publications in the area of Northern governance

Current and Planned Activities

  • Northern Arctic Federal University of Arkhangelsk Russia delegation visit to ICNGD in March 2012
  • Field School to Tromsø in March 2012
  • Meetings between Yakutsk and the ICNGD around the development of a ‘Northern Health Summer Institute’ in March 2012
  • Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Forum in March 2012
  • Workshop on northern provincial economic development in May 2012
  • Field School to Norway in November 2012
  • Workshop on Northern Governance around the Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for the North report