Convener: Konstantin Klokov, Saint Petersburg State University


The world of reindeer herders and wild reindeer hunters is an holistic system incorporating indigenous people of the circumpolar North and their landscapes. However, the stability of this relationship is threatened by a variety of external factors related to global climate change, large-scale mining projects, the development of tourism and its infrastructure, as well as information technologies. The session will focus on (i) human-rangifer co-evolution in the Arctic, (ii) old and new challenges of reindeer herders and hunters societies in the Circumpolar North, (iii) creativity and adaptation of human-rangifer communities to rapid changes of social and cultural contexts, (iv) field research of human-reindeer relations in the Arctic with new themes and approaches in the analysis of socio-cultural contexts, and (v) the impact of innovations on human-reindeer-landscape relations.