Tourism as one of the most promising ways of the regional development of the Arctic Zone of Russia

Lead Author Sergey, Shimshek
Institution Contact Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under the Government of Moscow, 36 Planetnaya str., Moscow, Russian Federation 125319
Co-Authors Elene Vorontsova, St. Petersburg University, Russian Federation
Theme Theme 5: New Markets for the Arctic, including Trade, Tourism and Transportation
Session Name 5.1 Arctic Tourism Futures
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text During the last decade public interest in the Arctic was growing. Typically, the attention of Russian and foreign scientists and media is focused on the problems of natural resources, in particular oil. There is whidespread recognition that the Arctic zone is a ‘storehouse’ of resources that must be extracted in the quickest way to improve the economic situations of the countries of the Arctic region. However, the consensus view is that excessive exploitation of the Arctic resources may cause a number of complex ecological problems. So there is considerable debate about how to use natural resources in the Arctic with the greatest benefit and to avoid enviromental problems at the same time. While there are clear advantages of oil extraction in the Arctic, it is not the only way to use this unique region and the Arctic tourism is one of the activities that can be developed most effectively here and it is much more environmentally-friendly. Tourism in the Arctic zone of Russia plays a big role in positioning Russia in the international community. At the same time the Arctic tourism is an effective tool for sustainable economic development of the region. Therefore the development of the Arctic tourism requires clear state and municipal regulation, support and control that can steer and accelerate its growth. Some years ago the Russian authorities decided to select the Arctic in a particular area where special attention to its management and development could be paid including the creation of a single legislative framework. A number of federal and regional programs of the development of the Arctic has been accepted since then. This investigation is devoted to the issues of the development of the Arctic toutrism in the course of the regional strategies and that in reality.