Outi Snellman - Vice-President Organization University of Lapland
Oversees the UArctic organization, with primary responsibility for supporting UArctic's membership, governance and management structures, as well as internal and external communication. Head of UArctic International Secretariat.
Outi Snellman has worked in international education and the development of cooperation in higher education in the circumpolar region for over 25 years in her capacity as the Director of International Relations at the University of Lapland (1990- ) and Secretary General for the Circumpolar Universities Association (1992-1998) as well as Vice-President Organization of the University of the Arctic.
Scott Forrest - Chief Communications Officer University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: Strategic coordination of UArctic's communications and information services, including member networking support, web development and content, online communication, social media, brand image and print publications.
Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Scott came as an exchange student to the University of Lapland from the University of Northern British Columbia in 1997. He has been involved since the beginning of UArctic's development at the International Secretariat. Scott's passions include travel, cooking, football, and leatherworking. He has a Master's degree in International Studies from UNBC, and has also worked at the University of Lapland's Arctic Centre as academic coordinator of the Arctic Studies Program.
Pierre-André Forest - Director of Governance Support University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: Supporting UArctic’s governing bodies and corresponding committees, including organising meetings and assisting with the implementation of resolutions, and maintaining governance information such as bylaws, registers, procedures and associated binding documents. Also directing membership issues such as membership applications, reviews, and obligations.
Of French-Canadian and Métis origin from Manitoba, Canada, and with a BSc degree in Forest Resources Management and an MSc degree in Geography, Pierre has lived in Finland since 1994. Before joining the UArctic International Secretariat, he co-lead UArctic’s Graduate Studies area and chaired the Master's Studies program; was a member of the Circumpolar Studies program team; co-lead the Thematic Network on Global Change in the Arctic; and was a committee member for the Northern Research Forum (NRF) UArctic Institute. Prior to that, he was involved in developing and coordinating international BA & MA education programmes, and undertaking research on the effects of climate change on the Arctic treeline.
Pirkko Pulkkanen - Manager of International Projects University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: Coordination of UArctic international projects, especially focusing on mobility and planning support for UArctic meetings.
Prior to her work at the UArctic International Secretariat, Pirkko worked as a coordinator of the Arctic Studies Program at the University of Lapland and as a project planner at the Santasport Institute. She holds a Master’s degree in Sport Science from the University of Jyväskylä (major in Sport Sociology) and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico with concentration on Communications, Sociology and Professional Physical Education. Pirkko loves the Arctic nature especially in winter. Every occasion she gets is spent outdoors and on weekend escapes: biking, hiking, rafting, skiing or running in the wilderness.
Hannele Palviainen - Communications Coordinator University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: Content creation for and development of UArctic news and social media; member profiles and Study Catalogue; editing and proofreading documents; Managing Editor of UArctic's annual Shared Voices Magazine.
After graduating from the University of Jyväskylä in late 2012, Hannele moved from Central Finland to Lapland to start her UArctic career as an intern and has been working for the network ever since. With a Master’s degree in English, she also acts as the unofficial grammar police of the Secretariat. On her free time, she fills her bookshelves with whatever is her current interest and tries to learn as much of the world as possible.