The three main responsibility areas of the office are:

  • Research support (involvement of Russian members into Thematic Network activities)
  • Information (promotion of UArctic in Russia)
  • Organization (membership fees and financial reporting)
Marina Kalinina
Marina Kalinina - Vice-President Interregional Cooperation Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Provides strategic leadership to ensure that UArctic activities stay circumpolar and oversees broad cooperation between members on multiple levels of faculty, institutional leadership and international collaboration
Marina Kalinina has been professionally involved into the processes of internationalization and modernization of higher education, international cooperation, university development strategies and institutional capacity building since 1993 when she was appointed the lead of the Norwegian-Pomor University Centre in Arkhangelsk. Her professional and research interest include higher education internationalization perspectives, academic international cooperation, democracy and gender as well as circumpolar cooperation and regional models interaction. In her capacity of BEAC Joint Working Group on Education and Research chair (2011 – 2015) Marina Kalinina promotes international cooperation between educational institutions in the Barents Region, addresses the challenges of the region with the consideration of needs and calls on the global, national and regional levels.
Daria Vlasova
Daria Vlasova - UArctic Research Office Manager Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Responsibility areas: Information support of Russian member institutions; preparation of a monthly newsletter in Russian, membership fees collection and reporting, Russian-language version website support; other Research Office activities.
After graduating from the Pomor State University with a Specialist Diploma in Linguistics, Daria worked as a project coordinator and interpreter in two international water management and climate change related projects, implemented by the Nordic Council of Ministers Contact Center in Arkhangelsk. In 2017 she joined the UArctic Research Office team.
Svetlana Kartseva
Svetlana Kartseva - UArctic Research Office Expert Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Responsibility areas: Information exchange with Russian UArctic members regarding their profiles on UArctic website, translation into English news coming from Russian members for the UArctic newsletter, preparation of the Research office newsletter (in Russian).
With main professional education in Regional Studies of Northern Europe Svetlana also got diploma of UArctic Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies Program and is very interested in international relations in the Arctic and in the North. Svetlana has the networking experience within the Barents Regional Youth Council and youth cooperation in the Barents region.