Educational Access for Northern Students

Students in the North have access to the best and most relevant instructional and training resources.

  • UArctic leads student mobility efforts among the Arctic states
  • Northern students have easy access to and participate in top-quality undergraduate and graduate programs throughout the Arctic
  • Northern students have easy access to field schools and joint programs among UArctic member institutions
  • Northern students can participate in degree programs, shared courses or field schools initiated by UArctic Thematic Networks
  • UArctic members combine student and faculty mobility with research cooperation adding values to learning environments

Research Representation in the North

UArctic members are the key participants in Arctic research.

  • UArctic maintains the foremost inventory of Arctic research capacity
  • UArctic members are involved together in addressing critical Arctic research issues
  • The Arctic Council and others look to UArctic and its members as their shared infrastructure to address relevant research needs
  • UArctic Thematic Networks link educational and research programs that identify and respond to the strategic needs of the Arctic states
  • UArctic develops new methods to combine academic research and traditional knowledge through participation by and with northern communities
  • UArctic works with IASC, IASSA and other partners to build strong northern-relevant and collaborative research capacity in the North

Expanding Knowledge of the North

UArctic is a leader in expanding knowledge about the North.

  • UArctic’s Circumpolar Studies is the leading curriculum for overall circumpolar understanding
  • UArctic members use the network to attract students interested in the North
  • UArctic members’ research results are accessible to researchers, policy makers and the public
  • UArctic members share instructional, training and research resources to expand northern knowledge
  • UArctic Thematic Networks communicate their efforts to the broader public

Engaged Membership Network

UArctic members gain value by their participation in the organization.

  • UArctic members cooperate with each other on multiple levels, focusing on faculty, institutional leadership and international collaboration
  • Past and present UArctic students form a community who share pride in their knowledge
  • UArctic represents its members’ interests internationally by promoting their diverse and shared capacity to serve northern communities and interests
  • UArctic has a sustainable business model providing necessary infrastructure to support the network
  • The Arctic Council, the Standing Committee of Arctic Parliamentarians and other Arctic leadership institutions recognize UArctic and its members as the educational, training and research engine of the North