Contribute to the Fund

With your support, we can provide more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and create local solutions in the North.

UArctic's nearly 200 members are part of the life, the people and the communities who face climate change. We believe that the people in the Arctic must have a central role in defining the future of the region, and have sufficient knowledge and capacity to do so. 

Often, the best and most creative solutions come from those dealing with specific problems on a daily basis. The UArctic Entrepreneuship Fund aims at supporting and advancing local solutions and multiple avenues for innovation for new products and services. This is something that the world needs at a time of rapid changes and large-scale challenges like climate change. The Entrepreneurship Fund has been created as a response to that need, at the initiative of our supporter Michael Carey who we also thank for the Fund's seed donation.

If you would like to support entrepreneurship in the North and facilitate the creation of local solutions, you can contribute directly to the Fund at, or contact us at to discuss more.