Analysis of the new standard ISO 14001:2015 in the context of Russian oil and gaz enterprises sustainable development

Lead Author Anton, Khoroshavin
Institution Contact Saint-Petersburg State University, Institute of Earth Science, Environmantal Safety and Regional Sustainable Development Department St.Petersburg, Universitetskaya emb. 7-9
Theme Theme 1: Vulnerability of Arctic Environments
Session Name 1.1 Climate Change and Environmental Management in the Arctic
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text The article presents the analysis of new final version ISO 14001:2015 requirements and recommendations for environmental management systems. In the nearest time the implementation of new standard ISO 14001 can be a serious challenge for Russian oil and gaz enterprises, because of some features of national environmental legislation, the low level of environmental technologies and deterioration of environmental infrastructure. This situation requires a serious changes in strategic management of certified Russian oil and gaz companies. The article shows that particular difficulties of adaptation to the new base requirements are related to the necessity of introduction such environmental management tools as products life cycle assessment, environmental performance indicators development, enhanced dialogue with stakeholders, context of the organization analysis, leadership, documented information control, process and risk-oriented approach in management.
To ensure Russian oil and gas business sustainable development in the context of the forthcoming changes it is necessary to develop the corporate strategic management goals and targets now. It will ensure timely response to the new international framework conditions and challenges.