Changing the composition of zooplankton species in the fjords of Svalbard as a result of climate change

Lead Author Galina, Abyzova
Institution Contact Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IO RAS) 36, Nakhimovski prospect, Moscow, Russia, 117997, phone: +7 (499) 1245996
Theme Theme 1: Vulnerability of Arctic Environments
Session Name 1.1 Climate Change and Environmental Management in the Arctic
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Species of the genus Pseudocalanus (Copepoda: Calanoida) are widespread in the North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic zone, including Svalbard. In previous studies demonstrated the presence of two Pseudocalanus species in Svalbard waters: P. acuspes and P. minutus. Later had been shown appearance Pseudocalanus moultoni in Svalbard fjords, which are more related with worm Atlantic waters. Archipelago Svalbard is influenced by warm Atlantic currents and the cold Arctic water masses. Isfjord is the broad fjord of Svalbard and it has the greatest influence of ocean currents. A phylogeographic analysis of Pseudocalanus from Isfjord using mitochondrial DNA marker COI showed the presence of two species, P. moultoni and P.minutus, and their distribution in the fjord. The haplotype networks showed different patterns for the two species. Our data demonstrate an unexpected species composition for Svalbard, indicating a strong influence of Atlantic waters on Isfjord. The results show that there are intraspecific differences in the genetic structure. These results, combined with tree-based and haplotype network analyses demonstrated particular structure of populations and haplotype composition in branching fjords of Isfjorden. Due to changes in temperature and the increased influence of Atlantic waters on Svalbard began to change the structure of the population and species composition Pseudocalanus around Svalbard compared with previous years. It has been found that a relatively new for that region species Pseudocalanus moultoni began to spread wider and deeper into the fjord.