Free choise of the Nature in the changing world

Lead Author Yuri, Arefjev
Institution Contact Voronez State University of Forestry and Technologies 394077, Votonezh, boulevard Pobeda 7/229 Contact phone 273-09-98 Mobile phone 8-910-246-35-23
Theme Theme 1: Vulnerability of Arctic Environments
Session Name 1.7 Invasive species in Arctic ecosystems in the changing world: Is it a real threat?
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Our changing world have required biologists to focus more attention in new ways. The internationally connected scientific systems and technologies are growth. The different regions of the world react differently to global changes. But the nature laws are uniform, and it gives us possebilities to predict the events in changing world.
Long-term researces have shown that in the Central Russian forest-steppe global warming favoured asexual reproduction of invasive pathogens of pine and oak. This phenomenon will be actual in the future in more northern regions. It is a real threat for forest. The management of forest ecosysnems in this conditions consists in creating of mosaic plantings. They will be a well suitable basis for a free choice of the nature.