State Regulation of transnational production chains in the Russian Arctic

Lead Author Elena, Vetrova
Institution Contact Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Co-Authors Liudmila Lapochkina Northen (Arctic) Federal University, Russia
Theme Theme 2: Vulnerability of Arctic Societies
Session Name 2.1 The role of law and institutions in Arctic transformation process
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text The paper presents the study of the role the mining sector in the Russian economy and proved its raw materials. An analysis of global value chains in the industry has shown a low added value of Russian companies. Analysis of changes in the structure of the economy based on the coefficients of an advancing revealed no significant changes in the structure of the economy over the period analyzed. On this basis, the authors concluded that the ineffectiveness of industrial policy of the Russian Federation as a whole, and in the Arctic region, in particular. The authors identified the problems of formation and realization of the state industrial policy in the Arctic region, analyzed the shortcomings implemented at this stage the state policy in the industrial sector of the Russian Federation. On the basis of studies formulated conceptual approaches to change state policy in the Arctic by the example of its European part. The basic idea is to regulate the production chains so as to increase the added value created by the Russian companies involved in the development of the Arctic. At the same time, solve another problem - the development of the manufacturing industry in the southern regions of the Northwestern Federal District. In addition, the necessity of harmonization of the purposes of state regulation of production chains and goals of the company by the criterion of increasing national economic efficiency.