Inuit Arctic Governance Model in Nunavik

Lead Author Jean-Francois, Arteau
Institution Contact Kesserwan, Arteau 1298 de la Galène Quebec, Quebec, Canada 581-741-1907
Theme Theme 2: Vulnerability of Arctic Societies
Session Name 2.2 Resource development and building capacity in Arctic communities
Datetime Thu, Sep 15, 2016 02:00 PM - 02:15 PM
Presentation Type Oral
Abstract text My presentation will focus on a governance model developed for and by the Inuit of Nunavik in collaboration with the Governments of Canada and Quebec. It will touch upon the objective of a real representation to the government structure, the issue of ethnic and non-ethnic bodies, Inuktitut language protection.

It will also explain why the presented model was refused through a referendum held in Nunavik and what should be done in a next negotiation phase to make it successful.

Finally, I will speak about what is ahead for the Inuit in terms of governance while massive economic and resource development is coming with the Plan Nord presented by the Premier of Quebec.
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