People and Nature in the North of Siberia in XX-XXI: ecology, economy and government

Lead Author Evgeniy, Gololobov
Institution Contact Surgut State Pedagogical University
Theme Theme 2: Vulnerability of Arctic Societies
Session Name 2.2 Resource development and building capacity in Arctic communities
Datetime Thu, Sep 15, 2016 02:15 PM - Wed, Sep 14, 2016 02:30 PM
Presentation Type Oral
Abstract text The North of Siberia is a region which was developed in a very short period of time from the very beginning of land development when it was necessary to control recourse production till the entire industrial land development demanding environmental protection. The Siberian North is the key point to future economical developing of Arctic. This factor makes this region interesting for analyze models on interaction between ecology, economy and government.
The idea industrial developing and realization of this idea was base model for including Siberian North in geographical, social and economy space of USSR. Industrial developing means rational using of natural resources.

The theory”Conquest of Nature” was main theory for industrial developing Siberian's North. The regional variant of this theory we can define as “Offensive of North”, “Subjugation of North”, “ Conquest of North”. The resources approach was main. The main way of developing was create large-scale extractive industry and heavy industry. This way needs in more and more resources. The government and economy was dominate in ecology.

The main object for management and transformation must be nature witch can transform in any sphere. This stereotype existed in soviet society and science. It is obvious that technological, social and economical sphere is more flexible than nature. The role of people in the system “people-nature” is very small.
In modern Russia importance of the solution environmental problems, developments of traditional system's environmental management, preservation of biological diversity of northern territories is recognized at the state level and fixed in official documents. Nevertheless, practice of "conquest of the nature of the North" continues to exist, aggravating already difficult ecological
situation in the region.

The above aspects dictate need of complex judgment of historical experience of environmental management in the north of Siberia in the XX-XXI centuries in which center there will be a person, the person as the user of nature. At such approach one-dimensional vision of the person from defferent point of views (political, psychological, cultural, social, economic) with aspiration to find a certain dominant of human essence is overcome. Consideration of the person as user of nature gives the chance of his complex studying, in which "nature" not only something external in relation to the person, but also considerable part him.
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