Material Captured in Ice Design

Lead Author Eija, Timonen
Institution Contact UNIVERSITY OF LAPLAND Faculty of Art and Design Eija Timonen, professor, Media studies Heidi Pietarinen, ass. professor, Textile design Yliopistonkatu 8, 96300 Rovaniemi, Finland
Co-Authors Heidi Pietarinen, University of Lapland, Finland
Theme Theme 2: Vulnerability of Arctic Societies
Session Name 2.4 Art, Design, Media and the Arctic - Marginalization, Power and Manifestations for Change
Datetime Fri, Sep 16, 2016 11:15 AM - 11:30 AM
Presentation Type Oral
Abstract text Material Captured in Ice Design
The inhabitants of northern areas have experiences about ice and water as shaping strongly their surroundings. Experiences are always both individual and unique but at the same time interpreted within the cultural context and in this meaning shareable and common. As an example we have used the experiences of a photographer being a standpoint for her photographic work, which then has been a model and a source for inspiration for an other artist, in this case a textile artist. The interpretations of these two artists in the works in question include plenty of individual elements and elements that the works share. In order to clarify, which kind of patterns or models guide the creating of the works that have a such concrete and physical element as ice as object, the artists started systematic semi structured discussions. They found six common themes that guided how they designed ice themed artefacts. The results were examined especially from the perspective of materiality and spatiality. In this study, materiality was understood as covering materials, tools, design processes, as well as non-verbal thinking. These all directed design processes and planning. These six themes were tested by using the jointly constructed artefacts as testbeds. The works can be understood as symbolic though materialized representations of ice. In the same way as the ice melts and freezes in an endless cycle of nature, the interpretations live and change when travelling from interpreter to another.
Keywords: materiality, ice, arctic, jacquard-textile, photo art
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