Reindeer in the structure of social relationship of Nenets and Evenks reindeer-herding communities in the 20-21 centuries

Lead Author Elena, Volzhanina
Institution Contact Institute of problems of the Northern Development Siberian Branch Russian Academy of sciences
Theme Theme 3: Local and Traditional Knowledge
Session Name 3.1 Arctic Human-Rangifer Communities: Vulnerability, Resilience, Adaption to Global Changes
Datetime Wed, Sep 14, 2016 04:20 PM - 04:40 PM
Presentation Type Oral
Abstract text I propose to present a comparative anthropological study of two indigenous reindeer herding peoples (Nenetses and Evenkis) who live in two Siberian regions and traditionally kept separate. They are the most numerous among the indigenous peoples of the Russian North and the leading reindeer herders of the country. This research will include modeling the social relationships between herders (humans), reindeer and territory (non-human persons and landscape); and the dynamics of so-called traditional occupations (practices). One of the main aspect of the work is analysis of the role of reindeer in the social relations within two ethnic groups: Nenetses and Evenks. Domestic reindeer and pastures are the main values in these communities, different kind of meaningful relationships and contacts are built around them (sacred, marriage, friendly, mutual aid, neighbourly, family). Preservation of reindeer husbandry among Nenetses and Evenks supposes the retention and function of the traditional relations within them in the 21 century.
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