Arctic geo-educational space in terms of environmental transformations

Lead Author Uliana, Vinokurova
Institution Contact Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture, Scientific Research Center of Circumpolar Civilization, Doctor of Sociological Sciences
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.1 Lifelong Professional Education in the Present Context of Transformation and Their Impact on the Quality of Life
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Recognizing innovations in the educational system as leading resources of state and individuals competitiveness caused the need for global world-system studies covering the whole continents and civilizations. There’s a trend of geo-educational research of the world educational systems. The researchers explain the problem of uneven distribution of higher education institutions on the territory of the Russian Federation because of historically uneven distribution of productive forces [2, p.25] that doesn’t work with modern requirements of accessibility and quality of education. However, during development of education programs in Russia there wasn’t a sufficient attention to geographic factor. [7, p.75]