Lifelong Professional Education Programs for the Development of the North

Lead Author Nikolai, Artemev
Institution Contact Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, 58 Belinsky St, Yakutsk 677000 Russia
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Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.1 Lifelong Professional Education in the Present Context of Transformation and Their Impact on the Quality of Life
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University is is one of ten federal universities of Russia and the largest multi-disciplinary university in the northeast of Russia. Students from 40 countries and 37 Russian regions are enrolled in 407 educational programs of higher and vocational education at four campuses of NEFU.
The NEFU Institute of Lifelong Professional Education (ILPE) has set its goal to provide the northeast of Russia with qualified personnel starting from education, business, and healthcare to engineering by offering lifelong learning programs and courses delivered by high-level national and international experts. Today, more than 7 000 students including about 5000 educators have their academic and professional advancement and graduate from ILPE with degrees of 57 programs and certificates of 86 courses annually. The Institute is in a constant process of developing and redesigning its courses and programs in a dialogue with students, employers, and market. The study shows the experience of NEFU as a model for improvement of quality of life in the North.