Scientific guiding in development of sustainable human potential in the oil and gas arctic region

Lead Author Oleg, Novoselov
Institution Contact Tyumen State Oil and Gas University 38 Volodarskogo str. Tyumen 625000 Russia
Co-Authors Anatoly Silin, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Tyumen, Russia
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.4 Circumpolar Health and Well-Being
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text The forthcoming large-scale development of oil and gas resources of the Yamal Peninsula, the shelf of the North Sea, other territories of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, establishing of large gas-processing infrastructure facilities and communication lines need a search of efficient paths of social and economic development of the present underpopulated territories of little use according to biomedical parameters for habitual residence of the ecdemic population.
The conceptual approaches, methods and results of the researches conducted by scientists of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University directed on search and rationale of innovative technologies of increase of human potential and stability of social and economic development of the circumpolar oil and gas region are presented in the report.
The problems, significant for inhabitants of the Arctic region, revealed by means of sociological tools become a subject of researches and inventions of the scientists representing natural and engineering sciences. So, the problem of iodine deficiency having serious impact on health of the regional population became a subject of comprehensive sociological study. Thus scientists of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University developed and approved technology of industrial manufacturing of iodine from reservoir waters of regional oil and gas fields.
The diverse problems connected with already realized and still the forthcoming development of the Arctic region need a system assessment, identification of all interrelations and alternative solutions. The obvious problems of life quality of different social groups of northerners, preservations of fragile biogeocenoses of the North, the conditions of traditional activity of native ethnoses and health of the arrived here for a permanent residence or a shift job people and others can be presented as a result of decomposition in the form of the certain amount of problems allowing to conduct effectively interdisciplinary researches of its elements.