Healthy and Active Aging Policy in circumpolar territories: new course for Master’s level programme

Lead Author Elena, Golubeva
Institution Contact Northern Arctic Federal University 17, Northern Dvina Emb., Arkhangelsk 163002, Russia
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.4 Circumpolar Health and Well-Being
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Active and healthy longevity in arctic conditions is a rare phenomenon. Strategy of active and healthy aging implementation is complicated by the well-being level of the population in the Arctic regions, which are sparsely populated, suffer from constant outflow of young people to the central regions of the countries.
The course for Master’s program is aimed at understanding patterns and trends of aging in the Arctic territories and the development of the policy of active and healthy longevity of the population through the development of social innovations (models and services) in the system of social and medical services to improve the life quality of the elderly.
The construction of course is complex and interdisciplinary, based on the WHO guiding principles to promote of active and healthy ageing policy in the framework of WHO concept “Active Aging- A Policy Framework” (2002). Current technologies supporting vulnerable groups in the social and medical fields of the Arctic areas should be based on the resources of the local population that can provide employment, social support and solidarity.
Preliminary course structure:
1. An elderly person in the system of scientific knowledge: interdisciplinary approach.
2. The main international legal instruments, forming socio-gerontological policy.
3. The concept of active aging policies (WHO), its strategy for the preservation and development of the potential longevity. The conditions and opportunities for the implementation of active and healthy longevity policy in the circumpolar regions of different countries.