Russia Arctic zone human capital dynamics

Lead Author Alexandra, Kekkonen
Institution Contact Petrozavodsk State University, Budget monitoring center Lenin av. 33, Petrozavodsk, Russia, 185910
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.5 Work and workers in the Arctic
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Development of Russia Arctic zone human capital is a strategic priority for increasing economy’s competitiveness in terms of globalization as well as considering raising interest and attention to this topic. The role of regions’ human capital development also increases considering their territorial characteristics and peculiarities of economic, natural, geographical, social-demographic and other factors, based on regional strategies devoted for self-development.
The condition of human capital in Arctic zone is an important part of territory strategic development. Herewith modern society irrespectively to territorial position is facing number of threats like globalization, population ageing, decreasing of labor productivity level. Problems in the society caused by that threats lead to deterioration of population social-economic status, marginalization of youth, imbalance of occupational and qualification structure. Described problems should be overcome and it is important to evaluate them and monitor the dynamics. Above mentioned problems strongly affect Arctic zone human capital because life in Northern territories has great impact on health (one of important components of human capital), while for other territories this factor is crucial.
The dynamics of human capital in the Arctic zone is analyzed in the report. The following results are reflected:
- Algorithm of calculating Arctic zone human capital indicators, taking into account the unique factors of living conditions in the north;
- Analysis of the aspects of the human capital reproduction in the regions of the Arctic zone, taking into account factors related to life in the north;
- Assessment of human capital devaluation during the life in the North;
- Revealed structure of the human capital and the main components with the differentiation of regions of the European North of Russia and the Arctic Zone;
- Proposed solutions in the management of Russian Federation Arctic zone human capital development.

The research was prepared with the implementation and support of the project within the state task of Russian Ministry of Education and Science No.30.207.2016/HM, Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation project № 15-02-00231 and The Russian Foundation for Basic Research project № 16-46-100923\16.