Medical and psychological risks for shift work in the Arctic

Lead Author Galina, Degteva
Institution Contact Northern State Medical University, Russia, Arkhangelsk, av. Troitckiy, 51
Co-Authors Yana Korneeva, Northern State Medical University, Russia
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.5 Work and workers in the Arctic
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Professional work in shifts in the Far North contributes to stress the functional reserves and adaptive systems of the body, the formation of unfavorable functional states, the development of destructive personality traits and the occurrence of various diseases of workers, which lead to a decrease in the level of mental and physical health, productivity and efficiency. Improvement of methods and techniques of health workers shift forms of labor in the Far North and the Arctic is becoming increasingly important.
Currently, there are formed the direction that studies physiological, psychological, socio-psychological aspects of shifts: identified vocational important qualities needed for the personnel, conducted analysis for groups of occupations studied the stages of adaptation to extreme conditions, the types of adaptation strategies, styles, self-regulation shift personnel, etc. However, to improve the efficiency of labor and health of shift workers should be implemented prognosis.
In order to predict the efficiency of the personnel of the professional is necessary to determine the likelihood of negative psychological states, properties and qualities, as well as occupational diseases that would prevent its implementation, i.e. professional and psychological risks of shift personnel. This goal can be achieved with the use of a risk-based approach, which is widely used in medicine and economics.
Risk - is the parameter to change, the level of which may have a control action, before the development of risk management measures necessary to identify, analyze and evaluate them. Medical and psychological support to shift personnel in the Arctic should be built under the concept of risk management.