Organisational networks as a gate to cross cultural knowledge sharing and cooperation

Lead Author Stine Bylin, Bundgaard
Institution Contact Department of Learning and Philosophy Aalborg University Kroghstræde 3 9220 Aalborg Ø
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.5 Work and workers in the Arctic
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text Many Arctic societies are characterised by low population with a great and unique local knowledge. A great challenge can be to gather capacity and volume, when huge projects are to be realized. As the world changes, it can be difficult for small, local companies to keep up with big businesses from other nations, who are interested in developing industry within the Arctic.
There is a great need of combining local and global knowledge and for businesses to work together, but studies states that it can be difficult for small, Arctic companies to navigate on the global marked, finding the right sources the start projects with.
In this gap organizational network can be seen as an intercultural community, in which mutual cultural understanding can be the base for developing new cooperative opportunities between companies that are interested in the marked. The organizational network can be a forum for sharing knowledge between companies to build mutual capacity and projects based on divers cultural thinking.
This research is based on qualitative studies within Greenland and Denmark, and aims to focus on cultural diversity as a step to mutual understanding supporting intercultural knowledge sharing and building. The study can contribute to more knowledge about how working together in networks can assist a greater reference for small companies in the Arctic as well making an opportunity of benefitting from multiple knowledge, to support growth and sustainability.