Preservation of human health and ensuring of work safety in the system "Man - Arctic environment - protective clothing"

Lead Author Elena, Lebadeva
Institution Contact CJSC "Meridian", Moscow
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.5 Work and workers in the Arctic
Datetime Thu, Sep 15, 2016 11:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Presentation Type Oral
Abstract text The Arctic region characterized by extreme climatic conditions complicates considerably the industry growth in this area undermining work efficiency and human health. Prolonged exposure to cold leads to development of chronic diseases, lowers body temperature and blood pressure, violates the carbohydrate and protein metabolism, causing weakness, drowsiness, fatigue and impaired motor coordination. Poor well-being in the workplace increases the risk of errors that can cause injury or accident.
One of the most common problems in many industry branches are ambient temperature drops, as well as its changes during physical activity. In this case, the average skin temperature during physical work may reach 37 ° C and at rest - 23 ° C. Thus, in usual clothing a person can overheat due to heat excess during physical activity, and then frozen. Such situations often provoke colds and impair human health. To protect people and reduce the risk to their health and life in the cold conditions we develop protective clothing, which will reduce the temperature imbalances. The effectiveness of long-term use of these products was proved during experimental studies, which were conducted in 2015 in the Far North areas.
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