Legal issues of labor in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Lead Author Marina, Arefina
Institution Contact Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Theme Theme 4: Building Long-term Human Capacity
Session Name 4.5 Work and workers in the Arctic
Presentation Type Poster
Abstract text The Russian government reported about importance the Arctic Region for national economy more often. Able – bodied population, highly qualified specialists in harsh weather conditions take a big part for economic development of our country. Lately, happens negative changes in field of labor. Competent experts do not go to the North, because legal guarantees and reimbursement cannot make up for shortfall material and psychological resources, which related to working and living in extreme conditions of the Arctic. Legal regulation in the Arctic region mean of special documents, which include: the act of the International Labour Organization, the Russian Constitution, Labor Code of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation laws, acts of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the normative legal acts of federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation, acts of the Russian Federation and acts of local self-government. The basic low, which measure Legal issues of labor in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation is low “On state guarantees and compensations for those working and living in the Far North and equated localities” February 19, 1993 № 4520-1. Now, there is no well-defined technology for realization and adjust legal issues of labor in the Arctic zone rules and boundaries are blurred. The labor relations in the Arctic Region do are not studied all- around and integrated. This is problems needs improvement Legal issues of labor in the North, which will keep and develop employment potential in perspective and rich region. The purpose of our investigation is to study legal problems related to labor regulation in the Arctic zone, in view of its practical application.