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First Peoples-First Person Indigenous Hub This hub connects community organizations, indigenous peoples and researchers from University of Saskatchewan, Dalhousie University, Lakehead University and University of Alberta to work on wellness and healing practices among indigenous populations.
Hotıì ts'eeda Northwest Territories SPOR Support Unit Hotıì ts'eeda is a research support centre for community members, organizations, and researchers involved in NWT health and health research. Hotıì ts'eeda connects researchers with communities and Indigenous organizations, to support recognition of NWT health research priorities, and develop a health system that is culturally competent and inclusive of Indigenous methodologies and ways of knowing.
Anti-colonial science This webpage discusses anti-colonial research and contains techniques to do anti-colonial science, including: guidelines for working with Indigenous groups; community peer review; rematriating samples; co-creation and use of Indigenous data sovereignty contracts; and ensuring methods, equipment, knowledge, and grant money stays with Indigenous groups. Civic Laboratory for Environment Action Research (CLEAR), Memorial University of Newfoundland
Freshwater Fish Futures Freshwater Fish Futures if a collective of scientists, artists, writers, landscape architects, architects, environmentalists, journalists, and community leaders dedicated to honouring reciprocal responsibilities to freshwater fish in watersheds locally and globally. Multiple authors