Arctic DTU

Formerly known as The Arctic Technology Centre, ARTEK, Arctic DTU is a joint venture between the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Tech College Greenland (KTI) located in Sisimiut, Greenland.

Arctic DTU is the only Danish institution to offer a programme in Arctic Engineering and courses in Arctic Technology on bachelor of engineering (B.Eng) and master level. Today there are more than 100 students enrolled at the B.Eng education while nearly 70 Arctic engineers have graduated.

The B.Eng in Arctic Technology spans over five different specializations:

  • Buildings – architectural engineering & load bearing constructions
  • Technical Building Services – indoor climate, building energy and plumbing
  • Environment – water, wastewater, solid waste and environmental assessment
  • Constructions – rock, permafrost and raw material extraction
  • Planning – infrastructure, local and regional development 

The Arctic Semester in Sisimiut is a master level course open to international students. The Arctic Semester focuses on building design for the Arctic, Arctic infrastructure & constructions and Arctic environment & energy Systems.

The Arctic Semester in Sisimiut is part of the Nordic Master Programme in Cold Climate Engineering  offered within the framework of The Nordic Five Tech.

Arctic DTU conducts research, innovation and research-based consultancy in arctic technology and contributes through this to the building and spreading of knowledge about arctic technology in Greenland and the arctic region as a whole. The mainfour fields of research cover planning, sustainability and infrastructure, Arctic environmental engineering, constructions and physical environment and building & energy in the Arctic. 

Facts and figures

Year Established 2000
Total Number of Staff 20
Number of Academic Staff 12
Number of Students 100
Focus Areas

Constructions and physical environment

Arctic environmental engineering

Planning, sustainability and infrastructure

Building and energy in the Arctic