Far Eastern Federal University

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is one of the Russia’s leading centers of education and science, known throughout the region for its unique campus and world-class infrastructure. In FEFU we strive to combine the traditions of the classical university with innovation across disciplines.

FEFU enjoys a rapidly growing number of international faculty, and has recently doubled the number of incoming foreign students, who come to us from the USA, Japan, China, Korea, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Germany and other countries.

The new campus of Far Eastern Federal University is considered one of the best not only in Russia, but among new campuses around the world. Located on Russky Island in the city of Vladivostok, the campus is surrounded by woodlands and faces a pristine stretch of the Pacific coast. As a residential learning community, its facilities are comfortable, light, welcoming and safe.

Our focus at FEFU Russky Island Campus is on international educational programs and research, offering young scholars and the world-class faculty an access to specialized equipment and cutting-edge technology. Educational programs are supported by lab and research facilities to help students and researchers to facilitate innovative and scientific solutions, and to achieve their study goals.

Facts and figures

Web http://www.dvfu.ru/
Year Established 1899
Total Number of Staff 7000
Number of Academic Staff 2800
Number of Students 33000