Kola Science Centre RAS

KSC RAS is an integrated scientific institution in the Euro-Arctic region that pursues basic research of the globe's high-latitude area and forms the scientific basis to assess a resource potential, and works out a rational strategy in the Arctic development.

The institution includes 11 research institutes working in the fields of natural and social sciences. Research directions include study of geology and natural resources in the Baltic Shield and Barents Sea shelf; investigation on the Polar marine and terrestrial ecosystems; elaboration of tools for nature protection and biodiversity preservation; design of wasteless technology for utilization of minerals and other raw materials; development of polar agriculture and aquaculture; study of physical processes in Polar atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere; evaluation of specific impact of northern environment on human health; investigation in the sphere of economic and social development of the Northern and the Arctic regions, scientific grounding for sustainable development in the North.

Facts and figures

Web http://www.kolasc.net.ru/english
Year Established 1930
Total Number of Staff 1491
Number of Academic Staff 642
Number of Students 95
Focus Areas

Arctic Nature: State and Evolution

Ecologically Safe Technosphere in the North

Social Sphere and Economy of the North

Informatization of the North as a Strategic Resource of a Regional Development