Naryan-Mar Social Humanitarian College

The College is situated within the Polar circle in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug - major oil producing region and homeland of the indigenous Nenets people. Its capital Naryan-Mar is a unique place to study.

Since its establishment Nenets Autonomous Okrug has needed qualified specialists. Therefore, in 1931 the local authorities made decision to open a secondary specialized educational institution - Nenets Integrated Technical School. Its objective was to train specialists for pedagogical work and for the organization of the cooperative movement. The opening of the institution took place in Oxino village on November 8, 1931. This day is considered to be the birthday of the Social Humanitarian College.

Over the years, the college helped to build the future of more than three thousand young people. Today, it has an experienced team of teachers - experts in their field who have trained excellent students.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1931