Environmental Development Centre - Ministry of Environmental Protection

Environmental Development Center (EDC), directly under the Ministry of Environmental Protection China (MEP),is an comprehensive organization of scientific research institutions, providing environmental management support, and carrying out international cooperation in regional environmental affairs. The research fields and related management affairs focus in environmental policies, environmental impact assessment, environmental publicity and education, environmental analysis test technology, environmental information management, environmental standard samples development, solid waste management and certification, etc. EDC was set up on May 5, 1996. It is playing an important role in MEP’s policy decision-making and technical developing. And, it is an important component of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation organization of environmental protection units.

Environmental Impact Assessment Centre (EIAC) was a department of EDC, consisted by a group of eighty experts. We provide technical supports for local governments in developing environmental countermeasures, and offer the consultation services for the enterprises and public.

We mainly focusoin developing environmental assessment methodologies and carrying out environmental impact statement of construction projects, regional development programs and strategic policies. And we have remarkable achievements in native and international research programs. We are titled as one of the Class A units of National construction project environmental impact assessment, the highest class. We have completed more than 400 items of various types of projects, covering almost all of the provinces, regions and municipalities.

Also we provide environmental verification services for industrial enterprises, carrying out environmental protection planning, and environmental inspection and policy research.

Facts and figures

Web http://www.china-epc.cn/
Year Established 1996
Total Number of Staff 600
Number of Academic Staff 300
Number of Students 50