Florida SouthWestern State College

Florida SouthWestern State College was founded in 1962. FSW has a presence that includes three campuses and one center in a massive five county area of Southwest Florida. FSW’s service area covers 5,500 square miles which is almost the size of the entire state of Connecticut.  Florida SouthWestern is part of the Florida State College System, awarding 10 Bachelors and 19 Associates degrees, and 10 Certificate Programs. In 2013, Florida SouthWestern State College brought over $410 million in economic impact to the five counties it serves.

Students come to Florida SouthWestern State College because our faculty believes passionately in teaching and in a commitment to excellence.  We value student success, integrity, intellectual inquiry, and academic rigor.  For example, graduates of FSW’s nationally accredited Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene program have had 100% pass rates on the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination for the past 17 years.  Additionally, graduates of Florida SouthWestern nationally accredited Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology have had 100% pass rates on the certification examination for the past 8 years; this pass rate ranks the program nationally in the top 15%.

We aspire to have Florida SouthWestern State College be the catalyst for creating an innovative education system which provides accessible educational pathways that prepare students to be enlightened and productive citizens.

FSW has a strong Honors Program and an emphasis on undergraduate research. This summer a microbiology class will be creating their own research on the AIDS virus and then traveling to Durban, South Africa to present their findings in poster sessions at the International AIDS Conference.

FSW has had their first Harris Wofford Fellow. We are active in the north2north Program and are working with Oulu University to do a comparative research study of climate change and ecosystems this coming year. It is our hope to engage more institutional members in the area of undergraduate research in the next year.

Facts and figures

Web http://www.fsw.edu
Year Established 1962
Total Number of Staff 526
Number of Academic Staff 170
Number of Students 15227