The commissioners continue to state, - We envisage that the Commission Report will examine health challenges facing Arctic Indigenous peoples and other communities, explore linkages between the traditional global health agenda and Arctic Health frameworks, and define priorities for global cooperation around Arctic Health. We will identify lessons from the Arctic for the global health community, including Arctic governance and community-based methodologies. Through collaborative activities, we will embrace diverse ways of knowing and multidisciplinary frameworks that generate knowledge and drive global solutions. Both in content and process, the Commission will reflect Arctic conceptions of health and the role of Indigenous Knowledge within Arctic Indigenous communities.

The Commission Report will culminate with an international roadmap for improving Arctic Health, and we will identify key priorities for further research and advocacy to be done in conjunction with Indigenous peoples and other communities.  The vision, strategy, and evidence presented will serve as a catalyst for future work in Arctic Health, furthering policy development across sectors, and allowing for ongoing adaptation as new circumstances arise. The report will be launched and published in the Lancet in mid or late 2021. All Commissioners will be co-authors.