Overall Goal

The overall goal of the TN on Arctic Economic Science is to promote research that improve the knowledge of how the diverse changes in the Arctic affect opportunities and constraints of existing populations and the potential for economic growth/change, and thereby extend and improve the knowledge base for informed policy advice. The TN will further emphasize an experimental methodological approach in accordance with principles adhered to by the Economic Science Association (ESA). More institutions in the Arctic should be interested in doing social science experimental research as many institutions recently have begun to do outside the Arctic. A goal of the TN is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge necessary to get started. This goal may have immediate intrinsic value to the receiving institutions both in terms of enabling the use of experiments for educational purposes and giving a head start for doing own research, in addition to contributing to the overall goal in the long term.

Main Activities 

Main activities in the short run are related to identifying research issues for joint projects and possible funding possibilities, and develop project proposals for applications. By bringing together institutions from different parts of the Arctic World, there is a range of potential benefits. The possible sources for funding increase, the general interest of the research is likely to be greater, cultural and language specific barriers to data collection from several countries are removed, international knowledge exchange within the network is facilitated, and a wider dissemination of results outside the research community is more easily obtainable.


To facilitate research cooperation, the TN plans on meeting physically on at least two occasions annually during international conferences and host workshops and organize sessions for paper presentations whenever appropriate. In addition, efforts are undertaken to ensure mobility among the partner institutions on a bilateral basis.

Current and Planned Activities

  • Coordinated attendance at a second international conference (to be decided) hosting a workshop or organizing a session
  • Student and faculty mobility between HSE and UiT (funding applied for, decision pending)
  • Extension of partners – first priority on bringing in an institution from Asia (North America, Euope and Russia already represented)
  • Continued efforts to secure long term funding of research projects involving all partner institutions

Past Activities

  • Student and faculty mobility between UAA and UiT (HNPla-2014/10050 - Conflict and cooperation in the High North – an experimental approach, financial support from SIU)
  • Coordinated attendance at ICASS IX Umeaa June 2017, organizing a session on Experimental Approaches to Human Behavior (Session 17.20)