Through this network, joint research projects will be initiated between the partner organizations in the northern regions of North America, Europe and Russia. By means of existing and proposed cooperation agreements, the participant organizations will exchange research personnel, educational staff and students. Furthermore, the Thematic Network will facilitate the exchange of environmental samples collected from sites in different countries suitable for analysis and experiments in the laboratory. By means of this Thematic Network, researchers will be able to access a wide range of state-of-the art facilities for chemical and toxicological analysis.

Overall Goal

The main objectives of the network are to serve as a platform for preparation of joint proposals for external research funding; to arrange workshops on the topics covered by the network, to facilitate exchange of researchers, teachers and students between the participating organizations; to facilitate exchange of environmental samples for analysis and laboratory experiments; to enhance accessability to state-of-the art facilities for chemical and toxicological analysis; and finally to offer common courses attracting Masters students and PhD students.

Main Activities

  • Network meetings
  • Preparation of joint proposals for external research funding
  • Workshops on action remediation of contaminated sites
  • Travel grants supporting exchange of students, researchers and teachers
  • Exchange of environmental samples for analysis/experiments
  • Access to state-of-the art facilities for chemical/tox. analysis
  • Common courses attracting Masters/PhD students

Past Activities

  • Members of the network participated and presented their research at the ICASS IX Conference, June 2017 in Umeå, Sweden.


  • Comparison of nutrient concentrations in leaves of five plants; Irina Shtangeeva, Solomon Tesfalidet and Lars Lövgren; Journal of Plant Nutrition, 2017, VOL. 40, NO. 2, 239–247