Overall Goal

To study traditional, local and scientific knowledge to develop scientifically based adaptation solutions for the indigenous population of the Arctic.

Main Activities

  • Conducting seminars in Sakha (Yakutia) Republic and Finland in 2020-2021 within the NordForsk project “Feasibility study on co-production of knowledge between researchers and indigenous communities for climate change adaptation” in partnership with International Center for Reindeer Husbandry, Norway and University of Oulu, Finland;
  • Implementation of the project (2020-2023) entitled “Digitalization of the Linguistic and Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic” which is declared to be a project of Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group;
  • Conducting conferences, seminars and round tables;
  • Conducting expeditions to places of compact residence of indigenous peoples;
  • Documentation of language materials and traditions;
  • Launch of a portal on the Internet with materials collected on expeditions (www.arctic-megapedia.ru);
  • Holding events with UNESCO Associated Schools and national schools;
  • Publication of collective scientific articles;
  • Conducting educational courses, summer schools on the subject of the network.

Planned Activities

  • Panel discussion in the framework of Northern Sustainable Development Forum «Human adaptation in changing Arctic», September 2020;
  • Seminar with the participation of indigenous communities, government authorities and scientific researchers in Kolymskoe village, Nizhnekolymsky district, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and in Hetta village, municipality of Enontekiö, Finland; 
  • Implementation of the international project “Digitalization of the linguistic and cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic”;
  • Expedition to the place of compact residence of indigenous peoples – Kolymskoe village to collect data (climate change survey through interviewing local people);
  • Round table discussion with the participation of research institutes of Yakutsk (North-Eastern Federal University, Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone, Arctic Research Center, Institute for Humanitarian Research and North Indigenous Peoples Problems, Institute of Linguistics and Melnikov Permafrost Institute);
  • Educational workshop «Human adaptation in Changing Arctic» for students of the North-Eastern Federal University and stakeholders held by scientists and lecturers research and public institutions (according to the workshop results, participants will be issued certificates);
  • Conducting of scientific research on the corresponding topic. Results will be published as academic papers (at least two scientific papers).