As a special method of metering and defining a linguistic identity, associative dictionary helps to figure out the nucleus of the linguistic consciousness, thus, the world image. This fact is a very interesting and special one because it can help to diagnose the condition of linguistic consciousness and the indigenous languages’ status (e.g. Yukagir, Chukchi, Eveni, Evenki languages). Such method can also be used for making recommendations on how to optimize cross-cultural communication and at preventing some cross ethnic conflicts.

The North-Eastern Federal University has been working on “the Sakha people world image” research project since 2005, supported by the State Russian Humanitarian Fond grant. In 2006 the similar research has been started with the Yukagir language. It is further planned to make associative dictionaries on Eveni, Evenki and Chukchi  languages.

Overall Goal

The Thematic Network makes it possible to spread the results of the research among interested members of UArctic. Within the network it will be possible to conduct such research among peoples all over the Circumpolar North, which will contribute to develop mutual understanding among the Arctic nations and to integrate the scientific results into the UArctic’s educational process.

Current and Planned Activities

  • collaboration with Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow);
  • collaboration with Institute of Humanities (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yakutsk), Institute of Philology (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk);
  • collaboration with Herten State Pedagogical University (Saint-Petersburg);
  • collaboration in frame of the joint research project - Cultural and Natural Heritage in Arctic and Sub-Antarctic Regions for a Cross-Cultural and Sustainable Valorisation Process and Tourism Development: Siberia, Lapland and Patagonia - 7th Framework Programme IRSES POLARIS People;
  • Initiation and preparation of joint research proposals;
  • Joint scientific workshops – European multidisciplinary research on Arctic studies - Winter/Spring 2015.