UArctic Chairs

  • The endowment provides travel support and contributes to a small honorarium, enabling the Chair to be an internationally active catalyst of research and expert training cooperation.
  • UArctic Chair are the best candidates selected from the Circumpolar North. They are nominated by our members, and selected by the network leadership, based on both scientific/academic excellence and commitment to UArctic, its values and activities.
  • Supporting UArctic Chairs allows them to represent the network in high-level scientific and decision-making arenas.
  • UArctic Chairs are closely linked to both UArctic’s strategic focus areas and its Thematic Networks.


  • UArctic's north2north is the only circumpolar mobility program, providing travel and study grants for student exchange between UArctic’s member institutions
  • Over 2000 students have participated in a north2north exchange since 2002, at it remains one of the most meaningful ways to build a common understanding of the North and a community of northern students and scholars.
  • The high demand for such exchanges cannot currently be met despite generous national and institutional funding. Support for mobility will thus build on existing funding and ensure support capacity is better matched to needs.
  • Graduate students, indigenous students, faculty and staff, and private sector trainees have been identified as important potential recipients that will be included with increased funding.

Alumni Community

  • Northerners throughout the region have met considerable success through higher education and many have returned to northern communities to contribute to local and regional development.
  • Past participants in UArctic's programs such as Circumpolar Studies, north2north or the many courses and programs organized by Thematic Networks are among those that have gone on to take important positions of leadership in circumpolar science, industry and government.
  • It is critical to capture the energy and commitment of present and past students in a common UArctic student community and create unique opportunities for them to interact.
  • The UArctic Alumni Community unites northern graduates throughout the region in a shared community across borders.
  • We aim to forge a strong and globally connected community of future Arctic leaders through an investment in the human capital of the region: training, networking, and partnerships led by the region’s primary actors in education, research, public policy, and business.
  • Donations to the fund will help create exclusive opportunities for members of the UArctic alumni community such as mentorships, training, special events, study programs, and engagement with decision-makers.

Thematic Networks

  • UArctic Thematic Networks and Institutes unite teaching faculty and researchers from member organizations to work together on specific topics.
  • The networks create value by collaboration across the Arctic to share expertise and resources, and by integrating disciplinary and indigenous ways of knowing.
  • The networks link cutting edge science to current policy needs and issues by sharing expertise and resources.
  • The networks also develop and implement education programs across UArctic membership, ranging from full joint degree programs to field courses, seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • Contributions to the fund will be used to strengthen UArctic Thematic Networks and Institutes and enhance their ability to leverage additional funding through normal competitive funding schemes.
  • Contributions will in particular help smaller northern institutions and indigenous peoples more equitably participate alongside larger universities in international collaboration.