Matched Funding

The Government of Finland will invest a specific sum for each euro that the University of Lapland receives from international donors between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2017.

The Government will invest up to three euros per each donated euro, up to a maximum investment of 150 million euros.

The maximum matched investment of three euros will be paid if all Finnish universities together raise no more than 50 million euros. If the overall donations exceed this amount, the Government funding will be allocated to the universities in proportion to the capital each of them has raised.

In order for a donation to be eligible for the Finnish Government’s matched funding, it must meet the following terms:

  • Only monetary donations are eligible for matched funding. Stock, real estate and other assets, legacies as well as intellectual property are excluded from the scheme.
  • A donor may not receive products, services or other benefits in exchange for a donation.
  • Donations from both public and private institutions and organizations located outside of Finland qualify for matched funding.
  • Contributions of 10,000 euros or more will be directly allocated to the Arctic Teaching and Research sub-fund, to further the aims of Arctic research, student and faculty mobility, research cooperation and the planning of Arctic Studies.
  • Only donations deposited to the University of Lapland fundraising account by June 30, 2017 will be eligible for matched funding.
  • With every donation a Deed of Donation needs to be submitted.

Fundraising and Data Security

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