The editors of the "Witness the Arctic" publication invite suggestions for articles on Arctic sciences and related topics for the Fall 2015 issue, which will be published in late October. Deadline for article ideas: 11 September 2015.

A new publication "The New Arctic" highlights how, and in what parts, the natural and political system is being transformed and contributes to our further understanding of the changes that are taking place.

The 2015 Arctic Energy Summit is a multidisciplinary event expected to draw several hundred industry officials, scientists, academics, policy makers, energy professionals and community leaders together to collaborate and share leading approaches on Arctic energy issue.

A recently published correspondence paper discusses why citizen scientists and local communities should work together on sustainable development issues.

Organizers of the 2015 Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting announce a call for abstract submissions and registration. The meeting will be held 17-19 November 2015 in Seattle, Washington. The abstract submission deadline is 2 October 2015, and the registration deadline 19 October 2015.

Arctic College of the peoples of the North situated on the river Kolyma mouth is the only institution in Yakutia (Russian Far East) educating certified reindeer herders. In June 2015 the college became a new member of the University of the Arctic.