PHOTO: Carl-Johan Utsi


Learn more about our activities, including Thematic Networks, Chairs and north2north mobility.

Thematic Networks and Institutes

UArctic's Thematic Networks and Institutes engage in scientific research, education, networking and outreach activities.

north2north Student Exchange

Learn about another place and another culture, while learning about your region — the North. Find out about opportunities for student exchange within the UArctic network.

UArctic Chairs

UArctic Chairs are highly qualified academics who will serve as academic drivers in a broad problem area of relevance to the Arctic.


UArctic promotes the successes of its members and their collaboration in northern research, innovation, and knowledge generation, as well as traditional knowledge.

Education Opportunities

Our members share resources, facilities, and expertise to build post-secondary education programs that are relevant and accessible to northern students.


UArctic Seminars focus on advancing knowledge for specific northern needs. The Seminars are catalysing events that move the conversation forward, informing research and policy-making.

Awards & Grants

With support from our donors, UArctic provides grants and awards for initiatives that have a direct positive impact to the Arctic.