Cotton Grass At Peninsula Point, Beaufort Coast, Northwest Territories PHOTO: Weronika Murray

Update Your Information and Show Your Expertise

UArctic serves its member institutions by sharing key information about the members themselves as well as their activities and capacities. This helps us promote your institution to students, researchers, international collaboration partners and other parties with matching interests.


  1. Update your member profile with key facts, figures and areas of expertise
  2. Update your contact information to ensure smooth communication
  3. Add northern-relevant courses and programs to the UArctic Study Catalogue
  4. Submit research facilities to the UArctic Research Infrastructure Catalogue
  5. Send news stories for UArctic News, social media and newsletter
  6. Share student experiences to promote internationalization


Member profiles

  • The most important and visible information source, a one-stop shop
  • Highlight your institution's strengths and areas of expertise

Study Catalogue

  • Attract potential students and highlight your educational offerings
  • Promote northern-relevant programs, courses and field/summer/winter schools

Research Infrastructure Catalogue

  • Identify collaboration opportunities and promote research capacity
  • Ensure efficient use of your institution's research facilities

News stories

  • Show the impact of your work and promote your northern-related activities
  • Gain visibility and a larger audience for events, publications, achievements, etc.


  • Real-life experiences from students to students
  • Encourage mobility and promote your institution and region as a study destination