Cotton Grass At Peninsula Point, Beaufort Coast, Northwest Territories PHOTO: Weronika Murray

Awards and Grants

With support from our donors, UArctic provides grants and awards for initiatives that have a direct positive impact to the Arctic.

Arctic Academic Action Award

The Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award serves to promote and raise awareness of promising projects which address climate change through concrete actions and plans.

Arctic Academic Action Award Logo Blue
The photographs were taken in 2021 at Kätkävaara and the surrounding of Rovaniemi.  PHOTO: Mikhail Sinitcyn

UArctic Entrepreneurship Fund

UArctic Entrepreneurship Fund aims to inspire entrepreneurs and to support “next-step” development of new services or products in the incubator stage that have a direct, beneficial impact to the Arctic environment or Arctic communities.

UArctic x Lloyd's Register Foundation Research Fellowships

The Research Fellowships are part of a new partnership between the Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF) and the University of the Arctic (UArctic). The Fellowships aim to support researchers that will use historical perspectives and apply them to current safety challenges in the Arctic Ocean and its peoples.

UArctic x Lloyd's Register Foundation Research Fellowships